Writing Portfolio

During the pandemic, I returned to an age-old hobby: writing. I grew up blogging and writing constantly, but I hadn't done it in a long time and the lockdown era reminded me how much I missed it. I'm now freelance writing with a focus on sustainability, business, careers, and travel features. You can explore some of my work below (published and personal) and email me if you'd like me to write for you. 

Sustainability & Climate Change

Start-up profiles, climate explainers, new technology

Green Buildings

Careers, Business & Lifestyle

Portfolio careers, entrepreneurship, productivity, tips

  • The Portfolio Collective: How to Tell People What You Do as a Portfolio Professional [Feature]

  • Indiaspora: Making Their Mark: Indian Diaspora Leaders Impacting the Non-Profit Industry [Feature]

  • Wolf & Badger: How to Support Your Friend's Small Business [Feature]

  • Medium: How to Build Authentic Connections [Blog]

Creative Arrangment

Personal Essays & Travel

Musings, life lessons, travel experiences, city guides

  • Medium: Home is Where Your Visa is [Blog]

  • Medium: Why I’m Weirdly Grateful to My Pickpocket [Blog]

  • Medium: Why Solo Dining Can be a Treat for The Soul [Blog]

  • Medium: Solo Traveling in the City of Light [Blog]

Colourful Terraced Houses